New Form Fields

Last weekend I uploaded new forms with some new fields. I wrote this post and then did not file it under the RWRE Members category so it would show up on the login page. Better late than never I guess.

At the top of the new listing forms you will see Foreclosure, Bank Owned, Short sale [...]

Google Voice Open to All

Google announced that it’s Google Voice service is open to anyone wanting to sign up. I have been using the service for about a year and love it. If you call me at the office number and I am out, the call is forwarded to my Cell. If I am driving or can’t take the [...]

Facelift Update and Wordpress Wrapper Framework

I have settled on a new theme, Atahualpa. I can’t pronounce it or remember how to spell it, but so far it is proving very flexible, easy to work with and has a great support forum.

So, a little about what I am planning to do with it (and wordpress).

I see a need for sites that [...]

A Face lift

I’m in the process of doing a little face lift on the blog. I’m looking at doing some plugin development so I just upgraded to the latest Wordpress. Next, need to find a theme I like. I will try to keep it at least functional during the process but it may be different every time [...]

Adding the Google Translate Widget to OSCommerce

When we first installed OS Commerce for our ReloadingInternational site we tried installing and enabling several languages. Since the site is targeted at “international” customers, we thought this would be great.

The problem with that is, any custom pages have to be translated and maintenance got to be a nightmare any time a page changed. It [...]

Where is this economic crisis we keep hearing about?

I had occasion to drive to Portland and back on Monday and Tuesday. Our destination was in the northwest industrial district. My overall impression of the trip was “where is this economic crisis we keep hearing about?”. I read that Oregon’s unemployment rate just hit 10% but you would never know it by the number [...]

Thoughts on Microblogging

I have been giving a lot of thought to the idea of microblogging as a replacement for the email conversations I find myself having all the times. Things like setting up a tee time for golf between two or three friends. This currently happens in close-to-real-time email with everyone ccd all of the messages.

My microblogging [...]

Dear webmaster

I just left the Home Depot site where I was trying to locate a strip light for behind a valance in our living room. Working from home I am on a not-so-broad broadband satellite connection and every page load is painfull. Especially considering the site would probably take 30 seconds to load on my 7mb [...]

Tom Peters on Personal Branding

From Tom Peters This I Believe:

32. Branding is for … EVERYONE.

Whoever has … THE BEST STORY … takes home the most marbles. “Branding?” “Branding is a character issue. Next question?” It is almost that simple. And, thus, that hard.

Help wanted – Abstraction layer

I just discovered one of the best essays I have ever read. Although it talks specifically about software development and marketing but I can see how it would apply to almost any business. As you read the essay, think about your role in your company. Is your job to support someone else’s (the company’s “programmers”) [...]