Free Jetboat Tickets

Earlier this summer I won a free pass for two for a Jerry’s Rogue Jetboat trip up the Rogue River in a golf tournament. We took the 80 mile trip to Agnes last summer and it was great fun.

Until now I have held onto the hope that we would be able to do it again [...]

How is the Water?

I live outside the city of Bandon and our water source is a shallow well. Over the past 6 to 8 weeks we have been having some water quality issues. For the most part a little sediment in the toilet bowels and occasional smell to the water has been inconvenient but tolerable. I visited the [...]

Is worth it?

Saw this post on ActiveRain that asks (and answers) this. Some good comments about what agents are doing that are working.

NAR vs Google

I just ran across a couple of blog posts here and here about a NAR decision that Google is scraping listing data from agent’s idx sites.

According to the post:

“Recently, my website was reported for allowing the MLS data on my website to be indexed, which led the Indianapolis Metropolitan Board of REALTORS®, (MIBOR), to issue a [...]

Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks

I had every intention of getting to the office early this morning. Didn’t make it because I discovered this on one of the blogs I read:

Service and Selflessness

What we must learn from the monks is a management philosophy that I call “service and selflessness.” It has seven basic aspects.

The first aspect of service and [...]

CyberHomes Listing Feed

I have added everyone who has requested to be included to the CyberHomes listing feed. I spend some time this morning going through the CyberHomes site looking for RealWorld listings and have only found listings from the first beta test offices. I will be in contact with CyberHomes this week. I’ll post here as I [...]

Remembering David L.

For those of you who knew him, David L. Davis passed away Saturday morning. For those of you who didn’t know him, here is the short version of the impact he has probably had on you.

When my wife Janice and I moved to Bandon in October 1992 we figured “how hard could it be to [...]

RealWorld Updates


I have heard several times that getting your listing to appear as many places as possible is a top priority. Because of a recent request, I have recently added the ability to feed your listings to Cyberhomes. They in turn feed listings to Yahoo Real Estate, AOL Real Estate and Google Base. You can read [...]

Security alert

The phishing emails I get don’t usually apply to the institutions I deal with but since this is a local bank …

This morning I received a phishing email that appeared to be from Security Bank. Anyone receiving an email that appears to be from Security, DO NOT click on the link. It [...] update

I have been talking to Trish Neal and she is working to get the old listings removed from and get the bug that caused them fixed. She said it may be a week before it is fixed but it is good to know that action is being taken. We now know who to talk [...]