The Only Phone Number You Need

I have had a Google Voice account since before Grand Central was bought out by Google. Like a lot of things, I signed up, played with it a little and then let the account sit there gathering dust.

Last month, Google opened the system up to allow users to set Google Voice as the default voice [...]

Vista: Another reason to not go there

When I got my new notebook, I went out of my way to avoid Vista. I’m not quite able to go to Linux yet so XP was number one on my list of “features”. Since making that decision I have read reports that Microsoft Vista runs 15% slower than XP (a billion lines of code, [...]

How’s your Spelling?

A while ago an agent, who shall remain nameless, mentioned that some of the spelling in RealWorld ad copy made our agents look like a bunch of back country hicks. That may be a bit excessive but spelling and grammar when correct go pretty much unnoticed. When was the last time you read something and [...]

Picassa 2

I have been meaning to write something about Google’s Picassa photo organizer since before I started my bolg. I just ran across an article comparing Picassa to Apple’s iPhoto 5 and wanted to link to it so …