Site Updates

If you are a regular visitor you have no doubt noticed the recent site updates. We have been working on rolling them out for the past 5 days. So far the feedback has been mostly positive. In fact I was rolling along thinking everything was great until I received a couple negative comments.

One site visitor loved the new in-place slide show, another hated it. Another noticed the waterfront and view fields were missing on the new pages and thought the new format was a huge step backwards. In restoring waterfront and view I noticed that taxes were also missing from the new format. The missing fields have all been restored. We have also added Pause, Resume, and next photo controls for the slide show.

For those who cannot live with the new format, we have added a link to the original listing format. Shortly, you will be able to chose your preferred format and save it in a user profile (probably just a cookie until we get our planned user profile system running).

I would like to assure all of our regular visitors that the new were intended to allow us to provide more and better information. Where other sites had been providing addresses and maps for years, RealWorld had fallen behind. We also wanted to display larger photos and videos when they were available. The new tabbed format will allow us to add other information to listings as it becomes available.

All of this is in preparation for an expansion in our area of coverage. For 15 years we have focused on the southern Oregon coast. However, the site ranks very high for Oregon Real Estate and we want to be able to deliver good results to visitors who find us via those search terms.

If you have any comments, positive or negative, PLEASE visit the contact us page and send us your comments. If you give us a valid email address, we willuse it to thank you or let you know what we are doing to address any issues you give us. We promise not to spam you.

Over 50% of the site traffic is from regular visitors. Thank you for your past support. We hope we will continue to be your source for Oregon real estate listing information.

Ken Gregg
RealWorld site administrator

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