New Form Fields

Last weekend I uploaded new forms with some new fields. I wrote this post and then did not file it under the RWRE Members category so it would show up on the login page. Better late than never I guess.

At the top of the new listing forms you will see Foreclosure, Bank Owned, Short sale and Display Address field check boxes. Foreclosure, Band Owned and Short sale default to no. The Display Address field will allow you to suppress the search by and display of a property address on RealWorld.

In the Advertising and Description section of the form there are now three fields for links to additional pages. The old featured listing link is now intended as a virtual tour link. Two new fields have been added. They are Video link and listing Web site link.

The new fields will support an upcoming redesign of the RealWorld search and listing detail pages. The new pages will include google maps (thus the ablity to suppress address display) and will prominently feature listing videos when available. The Foreclosure, Bank Owned and Short sale criteria will be added to the search form.

If your listings are fed from an RMLS broker specific feed, the fields will be included automatically. Otherwise, you should update your listings as you have time. The new detail page will not go live for a couple of weeks to give you time to edit your listings.

If you would like, I can update all of your listings to display addresses. Then you would have to only edit those that wish to not have the address displayed.

This is the first of several changes and new features I am planning this year. I will announce more as they get closer to reality. As always, I look forward to any comments and feedback.

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