New direction in Advertising

A little over a year ago, I started running ads on the RealWorld Real Estate web site. Just two spots, one vertical ad on the home page and another horizontal ad at the bottom of most site pages. Over the first year these two ad slots were displayed slightly more than a million times (a million impressions in advertising terms). This netted about $250. Hardly worth the inconvenience to site visitors.

The advertising was an experiment and I am not happy with how it worked out. It just doesn’t fee right.

After discussing the advertising situation with Paul Hay who has background in local advertising, I realized that by selling the space directly to local advertisers, I could generate more revenue and offer more relevant ads to site visitors.

Which brings me somewhat to the Point

When Seth Godin launched his latest book, he wanted to get it into the hands of bloggers who would write reviews. He started a campaign to give away 1,000 books. He would send you a copy for free if you agreed to review it and made a minimum $35 charitable donation to one of his favorite charities. This was the inspiration for my new site advertising business model.

I have donated all of the advertising space on the RealWorld site to the Bandon Rotary. 100% of the proceeds from the advertising will support Rotary’s local community work on the south coast.

We have created 40 blocks of approximately 250,000 impressions each. Local advertisers who want to advertise can purchase one of these blocks directly from Rotary. The recommended price is $250 for a spot. These advertisers will become site sponsors and will also be featured on a site sponsor page.

Several businesses have already expressed an interest. I  hope to officially throw the switch in early April.

Being in Bandon, Rotary is going to focus their sales efforts locally first. If you know a business that you think would like to participate, have them contact me or Joseph Bain at (541) 347-3211.

This feels so much better.

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