Remembering David L.

For those of you who knew him, David L. Davis passed away Saturday morning. For those of you who didn’t know him, here is the short version of the impact he has probably had on you.

When my wife Janice and I moved to Bandon in October 1992 we figured “how hard could it be to make a couple thousand dollars a month?” (turned out to be pretty hard). At the time the Chamber of Commerce had a list of people who were interested in helping small businesses get established. Although David was not on the list, when I told someone (don’t remember who) that I was a programmer, they suggested I go see David. This led to my taking over the Bandon CRS (Coastal Realty Service) which served as the local (paper based) MLS. He also purchased a copy of the Coos county assessor tax data, gave it to me and told me to convert it so he could have it on his PC.

The CRS went on line and became the basis of RealWorld in 1994. The Coos county tax data project became FarmTeam and my tax data services which provides tax data to almost every rural real estate agent in Oregon.

So, next time you enter a listing or get a lead from RealWorld or look up a property in either our Assessor Tax Information system or on RMLS, think of David L. and say thanks.

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