Thoughts on Microblogging

I have been giving a lot of thought to the idea of microblogging as a replacement for the email conversations I find myself having all the times. Things like setting up a tee time for golf between two or three friends. This currently happens in close-to-real-time email with everyone ccd all of the messages.

My microblogging clone would allow my “followers” to look at my personal tags (areas of interest) and follow only specific tags. For example, my golf buddies could follow my golf tag and would not have to put up with my musings about technology or business updates. A gold friend who is also a client could follow my golf and real estate tags. This would allow me to throw out a  “any one interested in playing” post, tag it “golf”, and my gold buddies would get it  but  clients and business associates who could care less about my golf would not.

I have not joined twitter, so I can’t say you could not use it to do this, but the NIH factor is enough to cause me to want write my own.

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