Dear webmaster

I just left the Home Depot site where I was trying to locate a strip light for behind a valance in our living room. Working from home I am on a not-so-broad broadband satellite connection and every page load is painfull. Especially considering the site would probably take 30 seconds to load on my 7mb fiber at the office.

I managed to get to lighting ok but nothing in any of the categories or manufacturers seemed like a good fit for my search so I chose the under $50 category. The first 9 of 300+ entries came up. At the top are options to sort, change to a grid view and change the number of results per page. I changed the sort and the page reloaded. I realized that changing to grid view or changing the number of results per page were both going to result in a page load. So, which do I select first? My decision, close the wuindow. Screw ‘em, I don’t need to find it that bad.

If you are the webmaster of a large site like this (or the CIO of the company), you definitely should visit your site through a dial up connection and try to actually use it. When you finally get fed up, go back and add some simple ajax to the site to eliminate those full page loads and make your site usable for those with slow connections and really nice for those with fast connections.

Well, I’m off to Lowes .


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